" 'LCDP' was not declared in this scope" while using libray's example

So I’m using this libray: (Click here) and I want to test it, but example from libray’s page isn’t working, I mean that IDE have added libray (as ZIP), but it can’t see it ( ‘LCDP’ was not declared in this scope ).
Tried pasting the whole libray into project (and editing #include <wiring.h> to wiring_private because the first one is now wiring_private), but it made more errors…
Any ideas?

Have you added the library to your sketch (menu: Sketch -> Include library -> The library to include) ?

The example is missing the import of the library but the library itself is old and uses imports that are no longer supported, i have edited it so that it s o it now works :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

#include <PhilipsLCD.h>
PhilipsLCD LCDP;

void setup() {
LCDP.LCDClear(0x00); // black
LCDP.DrawCircle(0xF00, 10, 20, 10); //Draw a red circle at (10,20) of radius 10
LCDP.DrawBitmap(50, 50); //Draw Tux at (50,50)

void loop () {


modified library attached below

LCDP.zip (3.3 KB)

I’ll try it out when I’ll have time.
EDIT: Now I have problem with adding a font from (CLICK HERE). I added a new file “Font.h” with font label + 2 commands: DrawChar and DrawString, but Arduino says it’s not correct.
Here’s the libray + whole zip from Instructables:

LCDPE.zip (5 KB)


I still haven't figured it out :/

but Arduino says it's not correct.

The compiler said more than "No, that's not right". If you don't want to share what it actually said, don't hold your breath waiting for help.