Ldr Music wall - Project for expression and music


I am working on a project which has to do with arduino, processing and LDR's. I would like to know if its possible to connect for example 10-15 independent LDR to [u]One[/u] arduino. If yes, what would i need?

Those independent LDR have to have individual influences over a tune that is played. Some of them would need to produce or add a sound, all this infront of a dancer with lights at key points on her/his body so that her movements are expressed in terms on sounds through this LDR wall.

Thanks in advance!

Use a couple of 4051 multiplexers and for 5 Arduino pins you can read 16 analogue inputs.

Since there's only one ADC in an Arduino, you could use either a Mega with no additional hardware, or any Arduiono with the addition of external analogue multiplexers

Thank you, i will try it out !