LDR to detect candle flame movement

Hi everyone,

I am trying to sync the movement of a candle flame with a 12v light bulbthrough my arduino uno so the lightbulb flickers just as the candle does. i have been recommended to get LDR's I am looking for a place online to buy LDR's to detect candle light movement , i dont have much knowledge on a good type of LDR or place to source them.

Could anyone suggest a place to get them or even if they are the right thing to use maybe even suggestions for other sensors.


You asked (almost) the same question earlier... Why start a new discussion?

I know it is another question - but it is just very related to your project...

i just want to make sure im choosing the right product and wonder was there a place that would give me a good deal

Which country are you from? eBay is often cheapest but delivery times can be months. Regular shops like sparkfun have almost overnight delivery (depending on country again) for a bit higher price.

In the Netherlands there are shops that ask 4Euro for delivery and some ask 15Euro, so there is a big diff. I need to say there is def. diff in quality of service too.

What is your definition of a good deal?

Here is an Ebay link for 10 of the devices that should work well…