LDR with 230V

Hello All,

I Am trying to develop a circuit, which can trigger led when it's dark and off led when light is on.

In this I want to create circuit which can drive by 230V without any relay & transformer. only discrete components.

I found a circuit do to so, but It did not show where i can connect led


I want to know is this circuit work? Do i need to do some modification

any kind of suggestion would be appreciated.

SK1 seems to be the output. But the fact you didn't recognized that and you only want a led to turn on (which you cannot connect to mains directly) it's wayyyy easier and safer to just buy a usb charger and used that to make a 5V version.

This circuit switches 230v lamps, not LEDS.

As has been said, the fact you do not understand this circuit tells us all that you should not try any circuit that uses mains except via a plug pack supply.

This whole circuit should be treated as HIGH voltage and not have any possible way of coming in contact with ANY part.