Leaded inductor in Arduino Severino

Hello all.

I like to make Arduino Severino and variant boards, but sometimes is not easy to find the right components. As example for Severino I cant find the 100uH leaded inductor.

Im using this type of inductor instead: http://www.minasambiente.com.br/media/images/common/electronic/inductor.jpg

Im not sure but I suppose it's doing the work of Aref filtering, can someone confirm this for me?

Maybe that coil can produce bad electromagnetic power for the circuit there?

Thanks, Rodrigo

I'm sorry I meant inductor on Avcc not Aref.

Salute Rodrigo

It’s probably not needed at all, depending on how much accuracy you want out of the A-D converter (normal Arduinos don’t have it.) As long as the DC resistance of the inductor is low, any inductor is probably better than nothing.

Thanks westfw for clarification,

I dont need A-D conversion accuracy (but plan to for sensors). Just want the best electric project I can achieve: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1290872951/0#0