Leadshine EM542S with Arduino

Good morning all ,:

I connected an EM54S driver: here is the datasheet: https://www.gotronic.fr/pj2-em542s-v3-0-36569-2141.pdf

to a 24v, 10 A power supply from the same manufacturer, Leadshine, which delivers 10 A on 24V

I need to order a nema 23 bipolar stepper motor, 2.8 A / per phase

I made the connection according to the following tutorial:

The dip switches have been configured to have a nominal current of 2.7A and a point current of 3.8A i.e. SW1: on, SW2: off, SW3: off, sw5: off, sw6: o, sw7: on , sw8: on

as a result I just have the engine warming up a bit,

Can you help me?

Thank you

Check the En input. That’s the ENABLE of the unit. I suggest it must be activated but You have no connections to it.

It is not unusual for a stepper motor to run hot enough to be uncomfortable to hold your finger on.
Look at the motor data sheet. The data sheet may specify an operating temperature or temperature rise. The steppers on my 3D printer run at around 60-70°C (140-160°F).

Look at the data sheet page 6.
使用说明 (makerguides.com)

Thanks you , it"s solve my problem :slight_smile:

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