Leak detection and pump shut-off using flow sensor,

Hello, I would like to detect any water flow rate through my water line that happens for extended periods using a flow meter/sensor, and have Arduino shut down my water pump if a certain time limit is reached. I have these simple logic steps but I don't quite know how to program it. I'm hoping it's fairly easy and that someone could possibly help with the code. Thank you in advance.

Command Loop: IF flow detected THEN start timer IF flow stops THEN stop and reset timer

Sub-Command: IF timer reaches 500 seconds THEN send signal to pump relay to shut off pump AND THEN end/pause/stop/sleep program

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The piece of code in this link should be adaptable to deal with your situation.

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first thing you need is the sensor.

get a sensor, find out how to read it. residential water meters typically do not have anything but dials and no means of getting electronic signal.

but, once you get a signal, the rest is pretty easy.