LeapMotion (3D hand tracking)

Might be somewhat old news, but anyone else seen LeapMotion?

I only recently discovered it. Looks really cool though, and at 70$?? For real? Except they are not ready to ship yet, until end of this year or beginning of the next (and who knows, maybe even later. I have not preordered anything, mainly because I never really know when I'm broke and a bit skeptical about leaving credit card details to be withdrawn in 6 months time...)

It seemingly works by having two IR cameras and IR LEDs to light up whatever is above it, and (I guess) some on-board firmware to compute the 3D positions and report it via USB to a host computer. http://hackaday.com/2012/05/21/hackit-leap-motions-new-motion-sensor/

I also doubt it will replace the mouse anytime soon, but it would probably be a great addition for 3D work (and high coolness factor with iron man / minority report style control :P).

Now all that is missing is combining this with a true 3D display and touchable holography :D Except that laser is a bit unhealthy to meddle about with your hands (or eyes) for now..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfVS-npfVuY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-P1zZAcPuw

(I'm not sure how to not embed a youtube video link)

On one of the VR forums I follow, they haven't been too impressed by it - some of the people who have tried it consider it more of a toy (then again, these same people seem to be involved with multi-thousand dollar motion tracking systems, so they are a bit biased), at least for VR work.

I saw it a while ago, but I am extremely skeptical. At one point, you see 3d representations of hand in one of the demos. Sort of like a kinect point cloud. However, you also see points in that point cloud on the opposite side of the sensor. I know of no technology which can detect surface features that way... So I believe there is very clever video editing involved.

On the other side. I did sign up for a developer kit :-)

Does anyone have a link to the actual technology behind it?


On the other side. I did sign up for a developer kit :-)


But yes, I saw others that noticed that too. I assume the demo software have a built-in model of the hand(s), or some algorithmic assumptions of how the far side of the objects look like. Maybe based on the size and shape that is visible to it. Only speculating of course.

As for the technology behind it, I'm sure I read somewhere it was two IR webcams and an IR LED (laser LED?). I thought it was one click away from my link in the first post, but now I can't find it again, sorry.

Or maybe they just use an X-ray webcam :P

Cr0sh: Thanks for the input. If the videos and info are correct (1/100th mm!), and the speed shown, all I can say is that I'm impressed.

Concept is so futuristic!

She was so Beautiful!

EDIT: Girls who do not have Ardiuno! do not qualify though