learn keyboard without an instructor

I'm stuck up with an idea of making a glove that teaches me keyboard.
I would like to know if it is possible to convert music to any digital format that can be sent through arduio and light up the leds I'm going to use.

Is that audio music? Then no.
Is that MIDI music? Then yes.

The music is going to be in midi format. :slight_smile:

I found a software that convert midi to sheet music and display the same using a keyboard by pressing the relevant keys.
Is it possible to extract information out of it and process the same to my arduino?

Basic idea of my project is to make the LEDs on my fingers and the LEDs on my piano to glow, according to the digital information
coming wirelessly to it.
Link to the software is added below


How do you envision that working?
Sensors on the keys that the arduino reads, and lights up a finger when the right key is pressed?
Or maybe combination of finger and key closes a switch, if the right one is pressed the LED lights up?

Most systems light up an LED on a key that is to be pressed. Not sure how a glove would fit in.

The whole idea is to transfer digital information wirelessly. for eg. BLE

  1. I thought of giving numbers to each key of the piano.
  2. Decode the music note to a number which matches with one of the assigned number in the keyboard
  3. Pass the decoded information wirelessly and make the key with the corresponding number glow.

Since the fingers to be used for each key is fixed. For eg i would code such that, if digital data has the numbers 5, 10, 15
glow the index finger.

Midi does not contain fingering information tho. I think you have your work cut adding that information into the flow.