Learner's kit O' parts

I have been into software hacking for about 4 years now and would like to progress my knowlege in the field of electronics and physical computing. So I thought I would take an intermediate step and buy a programable microcontroller and found that arduino fit the bill, seeing as it is open source and has good guides and tutorials. The only problem is that I cannot download my resistors, capacitors and transisters.

So I thought I would assemble a list of all I needed in the way of common components (I have some just not nearly enough). This way I can proced through many tutorials one after another, instead of going out and buying one or two things each time I start a new tutorial.

And being the poor collage kid that I am, I would also like to know were I can get these at a decent price.

Thanks for your help! It means alot!


this has been covered before:
and also todbot’s workshop parts list…

This would be my list

  • 9V batter adapter for arduino
  • 330 ohm, 1k, and 10K 1/4W resistors (20 each)
  • .1Uf capacitors (5)
  • 100Uf capacitors (2)
  • LED’s
  • 2N22222 transistors (5)
  • piezo elements
  • soldering iron, solder, wire cutters and long nose pliers
  • breadboard for wiring circuits
  • 22 gauge wire for wiring
  • pushbutton switch, tilt switch
  • photocell
  • R/C servo motor


Thanks Daniel!