learning basic C stuff without running on a board


I'm new to C although I have some limited experience with python.

I am finding there are two sides to the process of learning arduino - the hardware stuff and the pure C stuff (although of course they are intermingled). Sorry for the super noob question, but can anyone suggest a way to test my basic C logic without always uploading to a board and printing to the serial monitor?

For instance I am just getting to grips with the data types in C which are more finicky than I'm used to (I'm learning!), but right now I have to compile and upload to a board to do super basic experiments with how stuff works. With python I would just run stuff instantly in pyCharm until I understand how it works, but with the arduino IDE I have to constantly wait for the comile / uplaod time.

I'm aware that C is a compiled language and python interpreted, but curious, what would C / C++ devs use to test code? Is there something I can use to quickly test my logic?


Here’s one simulator, not free but there’s others that are, though I’m not familiar.

Turn off the “verify” option. That cuts your upload time in half. I’ve never seen anything fail verification in thousands of uploads.

Windows, Mac and Linux all have free C/C++ compilers. You can download one of them and do some C tutorials.