Learning from scratch

Guys i have searched and searched. Maybe I am just missing it due to all the information on this forum, but i am totally new to all this. I do not know how to program. I know nothing about any of this but I'd love to learn. Where do i start? Is there a good starter tutorial on YouTube? For beginners? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. I have been interested in this for some time, just don't know where to go to learn. Thanks guys.

Explore this page. See at the top where it says "RESOURCES". If you put your mouse over that then something pops up that says "GETTING STARTED". Now I'm no super genius, but I'm willing to bet that would be a good place to get started.


Google can help you a lot :wink:

Arduino links.

For many Arduino PDF document links:
Google >>>- - - - > arduino filetype: pdf

Watch these:


Some things to read:












larryd, is this list in a sticky somewhere? If not, it should be.

Guys i have searched and searched. Maybe I am just missing it due to all the information on this forum, but i am totally new to all this. I do not know how to program.

A lot depends on your personal learning style.

Some people learn best from looking at simple examples. If so there are many examples included with the Arduino IDE. And if you find terms in them that you don't understand Google is usually a quick way to get help. If that does not work feel free to ask specific questions here. But please read How to use the Forum first as it will help things go smoothly.

If you prefer the formal course or textbook style of learning then you should find dozens of introductions to C and C++ on the internet. Back in the day when bookshops stocked text books you could browse through them to see which ones you preferred.

This link may be of interest but it was not written for a complete beginner Planning and Implementing a Program

There is also an extensive Useful Links Thread.


Watch these:
Arduino Programming Syntax - YouTube

Arduino Arithmetic Operators - YouTube



null - YouTube

It would be very helpful if you could add a few words to each of these to describe what they cover so it is not a complete lucky-dip.


The most important advice I can give you: Don’t copy any code you don’t understand.
If you find code online that you’d like to use, try to understand it first, before blindly copying and pasting it into your sketch. If after a couple of hours of googling you still don’t understand it, it might be a sign that you have to start with something simpler, and then revisit it later.

Same goes for the examples that come with the IDE: it’s fun to just upload a program and see it working, but try to understand why it is working.