Learning How to use gas sensors

I'm learning how to use the arduino as a gas sensor that then sends the data to a computer to be processed on a grid are there any tutorials out there that I would find useful for my project. Any help would be much appreciated:)

What sensor?
The cheap ones do not work well.

I might use a grove sensor hooked up to an arduino IDK. Any other good ones

The MQ series of sensors are fine for hobbyists just experimenting. They are useless for accurate quantitation and very selective detection of certain gases.

I am doing experimentation so i need accurate results. Do you have any suggestions. Also do you know of any videos that will aid me on learning how to use sensors

i need accurate results

What gas, what concentration (ppm) and what accuracy?

Im sorry but I don't understand. I want to use this for detecting fires but for graphing not actual use but these results need to be able to tell my program if there is a fire or not.

If you can't give us a clear idea of what you want to do, you can't expect useful advice.

What sort of fires do you want to detect? If it is fire in your home or business, get several commercial smoke detectors and use them as intended.

Here is the story I want to be able to detect fires in large buildings like schools and offices. I would then like to send that info to a computer via wifi or bluetooth. The compiter will then graph the info. Thanks for sticking with me on this topic