Learning Shields ?

How about Shields designs to learn?... the Arduino can act like a 555 timer and give out a series of pulses, or emulate well known and loved IC's.

Then have a series of teaching shields, how to use a Transistor, on the shield there would be say 3 different types of transistors, all the person would have to do is take a jumper cable from the Pulse Signal and connect it to one of the components, a mosfet, a 2222a transistor, the person gets to see how they connect up and how they work, want to learn about relays?

Basically, learning shields, how about 4XXXX logic chips? basically you buy a shield to learn about the components on the shield? eg a flipflop, 4017 binary counter, understanding that Knite Rider circuit you build 8 years ago....

I think about everything you describe there can easily be done by connecting parts up on a solderless breadboard.

Yup, you can buy solderless breadboard shields and even breadboards with a built-in Arduino now.