Learning Sloeber / Eclipse

Hi All. So, I managed to get Sloeber installed including Teensy and ESP8266 boards. Never used Eclipse before so the learning curve is a little steep, but I'm groping my way through.

I'm also new to the workspace / project concept, so I'd appreciate a little advice on how to organize things. When using the Arduino IDE I would often make subfolders in my main sketch folder. These would enable me to group together related sketches or different versions of the same sketch in a hierarchical manner.

So, what's the equivalent of this hierarchy in the Eclipse world? Say I want to group together multiple versions of the same sketch so that I can always revert to a previous one if I screw things up too badly along the way. Can I have multiple versions of the source code in the same project? Or, do I make a "sub workspace" under my main one and put an individual project for each version in there?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

[u]Update:[/u] Given no replies so far, I've posted a similar question on the Teensy Forum.