Learning the systax and need some examples


Old dog learning new tricks here. Just got my setup going after Christmas.

Am playing with examples and learning....great fun. I tend to hang up when learning the syntax. The info in the reference section is not always enough for me to get a good grip on. Looking at sample code helps sometimes. Other times not so much.

Any suggestions on more background reading when I get stuck?


The Arduino IDE ships with loads of sample programs that can be read through, and modified. Serial.print() can be useful to see what a program is doing.

Occasionally, people even post questions about syntax on the forum. Usually, those get answered quickly.

That was a good help with the print.serial.

I was trying to noodle thru the code and keep track of all activity in my head. Showing the variable values and so on is helping.

Amazing how one can get hung up sometimes.

Thanks alot John