Learning to find I2C addresses of sensors for Arduino Due

Hi! My name is Rahim M. and I am a full time Mechanical Engineering student at South Mountain Community College.

I am currently taking a Engineering Special Projects class involving ANSR and ASCEND for a weather balloon experiment.

My classmates and myself have chosen to use the Arduino Due microprocessor for our project because of its immense power and versatility as a processor, but just about everyone on our team is ignorant to the knowledge of how to program with Arduino, especially with I2C addresses.

If anyone out there can give us advice on how to begin finding and programming with I2C addresses for our Arduino Due, it would be very much appreciated.

I understand that finding I2C addresses is a rather complicated task, especially for beginners, but we really need the knowledge of how to do this in a simple manner as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!!!

Thank you.

Rahim M.

Firstly, as I'm sure anyone here will tell you, the datasheet is your best friend and will state the address the component uses or the default one if it's configurable.

Secondly you can use:

which provides a sketch that can scan your i2c bus and report back addresses found.

I understand that finding I2C addresses is a rather complicated task,

Crap - you look them up in the DATASHEET where they are always given.