Least Expensive Driving Solution For Nema24 Stepper Motor


I am looking for the most straight forward (mostly noob friendly) and the least expensive setup to drive a single Nema 24 of this specification.

It is for a programmable turntable that spins at up to 300 rpm, can do a series of partial turns, and has a pretty high torque.

I am hoping the motor + everything to drive it could cost sub $60, but let me know if that is unrealistic. I already have the linked motor, so I would like to use that as the starting point.

This is not quite my realm, so I am immensely appreciative of all of your aid!

Does the $60 include the price of the turntable and the power source and the fixture to mechanically connect the stepper and the turntable?


If you wire it up as bipolar-serial it says it needs 2.12 amps. One of the stepper drivers based on a TB66XX chip will probably be the cheapest option. Get a driver that can provide at least 3 amps.

If you need to use it in bipolar-parallel node (4.24 amps) you will need a more expensive driver capable of supply about 6 amps to give some headroom.


Something like a Gecko drive or one of the cheap/cheerful Indian controllers I've seen around - basically
over a couple of amps things get more expensive because no single chip solution is practical.