Least power consuming inter; Millis() or Delay() ?


I am running Arduino on a solar fed rechargeable battery, and was wondering what would be the least power consuming way to script a continuously running interval, would that be using delay() or millis()? Any other power saving tips or directions would be greatly appreciated as well. Many thanks!

I'd bet that there's no difference in consumption between "delay" and a user-written delay using "millis".

You need to look at sleep modes and interrupts to really get the power down.

AWOL would win that bet. delay() is implemented using millis() so there is no difference in power consumption.

Cheers! Seeing my computer sweat when I code something stupidly heavy, I was wondering if there are energy efficient ways of scripting, and if an atmega uses more power with heavier script, longer arrays etc.

I'll look into sleep modes and interrupt as well.

It really has to be sleep, because any other approach will still be calling "loop ()" repeatedly, even if nothing else is really happening.

This may help reduce the power consumption...