leaving it running

is it safe to leave an arduino running for long periods of time like say days or weeks?

Well, you have to interact with it once in a while. Every once in a while you have to feed it, play games with it, check its happiness stats, clean up messes, etc. or it will become neglected and possibly die.

Oh wait…I was thinking of a Tamagotchi and not an Arduino. No, the Arduino should be just fine running for as long as you like :wink: Perhaps one caveat is if you are providing a high input voltage and/or drawing lots of current, that would stress the voltage regulator (and make it hot), which is generally not a good long-term condition for it to run in, but it should still be alright (it might just fail in months rather than years).

I have had a couple of Arduino driven clocks running for well over a year without problems.

If it performing some useful purpose then there is no reason to prevent it from continuous operation. However if it’s just a ‘bling thing’ blinking away you might consider conserving the energy it consumes when there is no one around to admire it. :wink:


One thing - the timing function millis() will flip back to 0 sooner or later, so if you have any timing programing, you have to take it into account. I looked it up, it’s good for about 50 days.

Also, writing to EPROM is good for about 100,000 times. If you’re doing it once per second, that’s only good for slightly over a day. (Note: there’s a function call to do this - if it’s not explicitly in your sketch, then you’re not doing it and don’t need to worry about it)