Lebelium + xBee v1.1 + tBeeb2.0 Not Pairing

I received a HC-05 xBee module and a Libelium shield.
When i put everything together, i can't see the bluetooth on any devices.

I can't seem so find anyone who has that setup or the same exact issue. On every device (pc, mac, Android Mega), when i open the bluetooth finder, the Arduino is not showing.

Here's the setup :

Am I missing a config somewhere? (incompatibility between the module?, some config before trying to see it on the computer or phone,etc)

I've connect the reset pin to the gnd pin, install the shield with the module attach to it, then power up the Arduino.

Any help?


Did you set one in master and the other one as slave? HC-05 require some AT setting before working.

Here read this. It might help

HC-Serial-Bluetooth-Products-201104.pdf (938 KB)

I've been trying to find how to do my initial setup. Do i have to connect haigh current to the pin34 to begin the process?

(This thing is causing me crazy headache!)

The idea of the high voltage on pin34 is my interpretation of the PDF.


The key input, pin 34, as to be high level before powering up the module to enter in command mode. it has to point to low to be in pairing mode. You cannot just leave it unplug. Ither way, it need to be hook on 3,3 volt or ground.