lecture analogiques toutes les 10ms

Hi! i’m new at this, and i have problems about timing.

float sensorValue;
float Volume = 0;
float Vt=0;
int k=0;
float Tension;

void setup() {

void loop() {
sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
if ((sensorValue > (519))||(sensorValue <(497))){             // f signal != the capteur is at rest 
   if (Volume != 0.00){                                       
    Serial.println(Vt);                                       // final volume from my integral calculation

void Calcul_Volume(){                            
  while (sensorValue > (519)){                   // 
      sensorValue = analogRead(A0);              // Read A0
      sensorValue = sensorValue -508;            // make "0.00" (508 is the capteur value at rest)
      Tension = sensorValue * (5.0/1024.0);      // switch to Volts  
      Volume= ((Tension)*0.01) + Volume;         // integral

i wish my arduino could execute “void Calcul_Volume” every 10ms. Otherwise, my Volume calculation is false.

I’m doing this for a device for respiration exercices.

Could u help me for implanting a timer to do that?
(my english is so bad, sorry)

thank you anyway

Could u help me for implanting a timer to do that?

You don't need a timer for that. Look at the blink without delay example. Instead of toggling an LED, you'll call your function.

thank u !! it finally works !! i did try this method earlier, but my loop was > 10ms so I thought it didn't work.
Thank u ^^