I have a Raspberry and also an Odroid XU4 and I would like four LEDs which are connected to each other at the same time and fluorrescent.

The LEDs run on an external power supply where the following transformer is clamped between: https://www.conrad.de/de/renkforce-led- ... 92401.html

These are my LEDs https://www.conrad.de/de/led-einfarbig- ... 84636.html

Finding myself with electronics not so familiar and I doesn't want to damagemy PI, I hope someone can help me.

I have a touch panel which is to bring the LED's for a millisecond to light up when I pressa button and then the light goes down. The script I would write with PHP.

Only I do not know which one to pick for GPIO and exactly how the command should be. :(

I Need it for both of the boards

I had read about WiringPi it would be possible ... Hope I made myself clear. :)

1000 thanks in advance for any reply.


It is difficult to understand some parts of your question. Your links do not work. It is not clear if your project involves an Arduino. Can you please clarify what hardware you are using, or want to use? A diagram might help with the language difficulties.


OK, you have mentioned 12 V and GPIO pins.

You cannot and must not connect any 12 V system directly to a GPIO pin - you will need (NPN) transistors whose bases are connected to the GPIO pins by resistors of at least 470 Ohms, to switch the LEDs.