LED 32x32 Matrix Display problems

I am trying to find a way to display images and patterns on my 32x32 LED matrix using an Arduino Uno. I am able to display basic patterns one at a time using the sketch IDE, however I am trying to find a way to instantly write to, and display images on my board.

I have tried using the Glediator software, but I cannot display anything on my board. Is there any software out there that will allow me to easily control my array? Alternatively, is there any way to convert images in to code?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Any help will be appreciated.

Any help would be a miracle! You need to give us far more information if we are to help. Schematics, your working code (use code tags!!!), links to the descriptions of the hardware and software you are talking about, and a much clearer description of how you want it to work.

Until then, we can give you help in the form of moral support. Believe in yourself! You can do it! That sort of thing.