LED, Accelerometer and Arduino

Hello all,

First off, I’m completely new to this sort of hacking and I would like to tell you that I need some advice in this matter.
I came to an idea of using arduino to read data from an accelerometer and to interact with an 8x8 LED matrix.
What I intend to do is to trigger the LED matrix when there is some set of parameters from the accelerometer, an I’ve quite few questions, regarding design.

This is feasible as I’ve seen some much more complex examples around.

Do I also need and Gyro for this? Eg. To read the “starting” position of the gadget?
What set of Arduino, LED Matrix and Accelerometer(and/or Gyro) should I begin with?
Also what should be my project workflow in this case?

If there is some information missing, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Im a beginner myself...

but I would 'first'..

get an Arduino.. and run through a set of tutorials.. (I have good places/links to start in my footer)

when you feel 'comfortable' with the basic Arduino, and configuring/controlling pins for LEDS..and readings values in using analog devices (pezio).. and PWM...

then I'd jump/move on to adding other IC's into the mix.. such as a the MAX7219 or MAX7221 chip to control your 'matrix' (LedControl library is pretty easy for this)

at this point.. what is left is just adding in the accelerometer.

after step 1.. you'll know how to READ values (analog).. from your accelerometer... after step 2.. you'll know how to apply these values/thresholds to your MAX72xx chip and control/display the results on your led matrix..