LED Advice

I want to create some "clouds" for my tall living room, using modified Ikea lamp covers.

They will be suspended horizontally on aircraft wire, and I will obviously need to fill them with one LED or more, to achieve the desired effect.

Ideally, I'd like a range of colors (orange -> blue -> deep purple), but if cost becomes prohibitive, a single blue would be fine.

This would all be controlled by an Arduino that could change the colors based on time of day, and turn the "clouds" on or off.

Can anyone recommend the best LEDs for the job?

What characteristics are you looking for? Wide angle? Extra bright? RGB in one package?

You can pretty much use whatever you want. You might have to diffuse the light, since LEDs tend to be directional. That's more of a design thing.

BTW, I demand pictures of your progress. This sounds cool. :slight_smile:

Wide-angle, extra-bright, and RGB-in-one-package all sound like wonderful qualities! LOL - any product out there that does all that??

I would likely just place one at each end of the "cloud" facing inward, so the fabric catches a majority of the light.

How many "clouds" and how bright do these need to be? I've used 3w rgb(1w ea color) leds before and they are pretty awesome(small, wide angle, smooth dispersion, bright) but you need 3 350ma constant current supplys and corresponding switching device per led, or if you use individual 1w leds you can string them in series and save on the supply count and use a higher voltage

I’m planning on three “clouds” with two lighting elements a piece. They don’t need to be terribly bright. They will not be relied upon for ambient lighting. It’s just accent lighting.

Is there a link to this product you like?

I usually just search ebay for 1w led or 3w rgb led and see what has lowest price and free shipping
dealextreme.com also I found has rgb leds for comparable price with free shipping