LED Animation tutorials?

Are there any collections of tips for animating groups of LEDs (especially on a strip)?

I can do certain animations myself, but I tend to be very physical, which is often less computationally-efficient. For instance, if I want to make a particle that moves randomly, I would create a particle class with parameters like "location" and "velocity" and each cycle would update the location based on the velocity, and then if the location is between two pixels, interpolate the values.

But it seems like when I look up certain animation code, I get stuff more complex but with simpler math. Take Fire2012 for instance. In my case, I would have had to create a bunch of particles and give them random acceleration and a color gradient, but they seem to do it without particles just using a "heat" parameter.

I'm not sure if there are collections of ideas for tips like this. If not, I might start assembling my own.

Also, I have thought about using an SD card to store bitmaps, and just scroll through lines (with filtering). Are there any examples of code that already does this? I don't mind writing it myself, but what would also be interesting is a collection of example animation bitmaps.

Thanks for the discussion!

(PS: I'm using the ESP8266 on the NodeMCU)

Haven’t seen any.

You could put something together and present it here.

Yeah, I'm thinking I might post some ideas and start an idea-sharing thread or something.