Led array powering

I'm planning on building a score board with LEDs with an incremental push button counter In order to make my seven segment display I need to chain up quite a few LEDs to one pin My question is that is there any way to join the LEDs and power them in such a way that I don't damage my board or fry the LEDs or loose any intensity or brightness


Yes. The easiest way may be to use led strips. You can cut these after every 3 leds and stick them to a board. If using individal leds, wire sets of 3 leds in series, each set with its own series resistor. Either way, drive them with a 12V power supply. The Arduino pins cannot withstand 12V, so use a tpic6c595 chip for each digit. These can be connected in a chain so that only 3 Arduino pins are needed.


https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13279 Leo..