LED Blink example not working

First let me explain my setup. I am running an ATMEGA328P with 16MHz crystal and 20 pf caps on a breadboard. Using avrdude and parallel port iscp programming.

Used avrdude to set lfuse to 0x67 to activate external full swing crystal.

First I found a blink led test program in C on the net and built, downloaded and executed it no problem. LED connacted to pin 28 (PC5) blinked away.

But I then fired up arduino ide and loaded examples/LED/Blink. I verified it, went to /tmp/build/ and ther was all the fils created by the ide, including Blink.cpp.hex. This file I downloaded to the 328, moved the LED and 1k resistor to pin 13,

Nothing, nada, no blinking LED.

Did I miss something? Doesn’t Blink.cpp.hex contain all the code to run the app?


moved the LED and 1k resistor to pin 13

Physical pin 13 or Arduino pin 13?