Led blinks in red and I can not upload code to it

Hello, I am having a problem my arduino uno led is blinking in red and I can not upload code to it also I changed th atmega 328 and put the same one but without the bootloader maybe that is the problem I need help quick...

The bootloader is necessary for serial programming. Without a bootloader the chip must be programmed through the ICSP connector by a programmer (USBASP).

Does the original 328 chip from the Uno still work? If so, you could put it back into the Uno and use the Uno to bootload and/or program the new 328 chip. You will need a beadboard and a few parts. Here are instrucions.

Or do a Google search for "bootload a 328 with uno" for many more tutorials on bootloading.

No, the original is broken Thank you anyways I willl try it

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