Led brightness/color by car speed

I was wondering how I could increase brightness and or have color changed dependent on car speed. Used google couldn’t find anything. Sure this is possible. Thanks!

Well if you have some sort of signal which is proportional to car speed then you can read that signal and then use it to control the brightness and/or colour of the LED.

So how to you plan to get such a signal? HINT - it's the same sort of thing that a speedometer needs and there are lots of those about.


You pointed me in the right direction. So Ima have to go up in the car to where the speedometer cable and the speed cup is located? Sounds like a lot of work

You've given no information about anything so it's difficult to help. Most speedos in modern cars are electronic and it's often possible to get at the data they're working with. But if you're way back in the old "speedometer cable" days then that's a different problem. Good luck.


Oh. No it's a 2014 bmw 320i. The cable thing is just what I quickly found on google. Likely the ecm then

Wow thanks that's the jackpot! Ima have to sit down patiently and read thru this stuff thoroughly. I got so many projects to do. Shouldn't have started so many at once