Led Brightness Control With a sound Level

I am a student from west Bengal India. I have a project for my college. I have seen some of your videos and i think you can
help me. What i want is that there is two channels right and left . In the right channel I will be playing a song, which song will be heard in both the stereo speaker. In the Left channel I will be playing a high frequency Beep sound which will not be heard in the speaker but when I will regulate the left channel sound .i.e when the level of the sound in the left channel will increase the light will increase ( It will send more voltage to the connected Led) and when it will decrease the light will decrease( It will reduce the voltage sent to the connected Led) It will function like a Dimmer. The Led which we are using 10 Watt 12 Volt Led and sound editing software is Abode premiere Pro. I hope that you can help me in this endeavor. I would be grateful if you could send a tutorial along with the code.

Ok thank you most excellent


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