LED Chase or Sequencer

Hello Friends! I’m am building a prototype for a safety warning device powered by 4 - “AAA” batteries that uses 12 bright white LED’s, and I need a circuit that accomplishes the following: The device is activated by a key chain size (small) remote control. Once activated the led’s begin to light up one at a time and stay lit until all are lit, then they all go off and the cycle repeats itself for approx 100 seconds then shuts off. Other forums I have visited suggested this one as the place to be - any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated!! Thanks to all - Dan

What's the minimum/maximum distance for the remote control?

As for the sequence itself, that's easy peasy. Just have a loop that turns the LEDs on and off with a timer that checks the elapsed time (or counts millis()). Once you reach your 100 seconds, exit the loop and wait for the next signal to come in.

My OSHW board drives 70 LEDs and has IR receiver. Www.toastedcircuits.com

Remote distance about 20' would do. In some applications it would be beneficial for a single click to activate multipe units approx 10 ft apart so the widest broadcast spectrum is desireable, although I've rerad about some repeaters (like for a tv remote) that triple the distance. I am wondering if a chrome or mirror finish on the case would bounce or scatter the signal..... Thanks for the input - DanD

You could probably modify the tv-b-gone kit to do what you want: http://www.ladyada.net/make/tvbgone/. Or just learn from them and stick a whole mess of IR LEDs on your remote! :-)

Yeah, I'd look into something similar to that TV-B-Gone unit. Here's the thing though, you said "in some cases" a single click would be used to turn on multiple units. How would you control that? How would it know whether you want multiple units to turn on, or just the one you're pointing at, knowing that you have such a wide spectrum?