LED Clock help need

Im Building a led clock with each segment having 3 x leds (3.2v 20ma)

i was thinking of driving this off a uln2803 and 595 combo

is there a better way for a constant load?

any ideas welcome and yes ill have pics when its complete..

So you will have 3 LEDs in series, a 10V+ source for the top anode, and you control the bottom cathode with a ULN2803 controlled by the HC595? That will work fine.

thank you..

and just say i wanted PWM?? just putting it out there..

the project is a big count down clock. its for a xmas lights display.. it has 8x numbers with 3x 5mm wide angle 20ma leds per segment.

Run the PW into the HC595 OEM pin. analogWrite(0) = full on, 255 = full off, ~127 would be logically in the middle - perceived by the eye = ?

Hey, did I mention my 12 digit driver board? Uses TPIC6B595 to sink current from 12V sources. You still need to wire the LEDs/current limit resistor. But those can be prepackaged LED strips with built in resistor designed to be powered from 12V. There's a picture of one at the bottom of this page http://www.crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17/ $4.50 for bare board mailed to you with schematic & PL (which I thought I had posted, but maybe not).