LED clock (single colour) running off Arduino Mega 2560


I'll start by saying my coding skill level is basic at best...

I have an idea of creating an LED clock, it would comprise of two rings of 60 LED's (seconds and minutes) with another 12 LED's for the hours.

At the moment the only way I can think of doing this is by flattening out a 6x6x6 cube and spending the hours upon hours typing out the code and timing it right with turning it on at the right time. I have searched for help but can only find other projects involving addressable RGB LED's and I can't seem to grasp the coding enough to dumb it down to suit my needs.

If anyone has an idea to help me get started it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance Scrumpy

60+60+12 = 132 LEDs. Drive them from two MAX7219, let them take care of the multiplexing for you. All you need to do is update a register or two once a second to turn an LED or two or three off and an LED or two or three on.

You could use Charlieplexing. It would take 12 Arduino pins for all 132 LEDs.