LED control w 2 buttons

Let me preface this with the fact that I'm a total noob when it comes to writing sketches and playing with the arduino.

So I have myself a Feather from adafruit as well as a comparable arduino (to see which one performs to my liking), and I'm prototyping a lighting system with 2 buttons.

button 1 = on/off
button 2 = cycle through colors in rgbw leds (neopixels)

Basically, I need to figure out:

Which pins to connect my on/off tactile switch to, which pins to connect my smd tactile momentary to and how to program them to do what i need them to do as well as any resistors, etc. i may need.

My LEDs are wired in a series of 5 RGBW LEDs running off a 1s 30c 3.7v lipo.

Eventually, I want this project to get to the point where i can just have my components be a USB port to charge the battery and also run lights, run lights off battery only and have my 2 buttons for on/off and my 2nd button being the mode toggle (5 modes; 1 for each click on the button - r,g,b,w, color cycle).

ive watched many tutorials on basics and i think i understand them, but my experience with programming languages ends at html, which i havent used in the better part of a decade.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you mastered these?



Have you mastered these?

LED control w 2 buttons - LEDs and Multiplexing - Arduino Forum


i have taken a look at that and am still having a tough time understanding everything. haha. im literally just trying to get 2 buttons to perform 7 functions and i just have no idea how. seems as though ive opened pandoras box.

This should help with the button...


If the button is pressed (HIGH), turn your lights on, of off when not pressed (LOW).

For the "cycle through colors" part, each time button 2 is pressed, add a value of "1" to a variable in a loop, and use that variable to select which color to use. WHen you reach your maximum color count, on the next press, set the variable to "1" and continue through the loop.

Start simple, understand how it works, then add to it.

Show us what you have so far, tell us what you want it to do, then tell us what doesn't work.
Put your sketch between the code tags [code][/code].

seems as though ive opened pandoras box.

Hello. Yes you have opened the Pandora's box labelled "Programming"! If you are not determined to face this challenge head-on, maybe Arduino is not the hobby for you. If you are, be patient with yourself, try hard and learn from as many places as you can find. You will get lots of help here if you do that.