LED Control

Hi!! , i'm fairly new to this stuff and I saw this tutorial showing how to control RGB LED strip (specifically SM5050 12V external source) which i have bought, though these are "not individually addressable" i think is the term where they all can only be one color at a time.

I was just wondering if do i really need to use PWM pins because i have tried changing colors of RGB LED (the single LED) using pins 2,3,4 which are not PWM pins (except for 3) and now im using RGB LED strips , would i really need to use PWM pins for these or can i just use any other digital pin? because i would like to have multiple strips but nanos only have 6 PWM.

Im using arduino nano , with a powerbank as its powersource

Depends on how you want to change color. Without PWM you can turn one or more of red/green/blue on/off, with PWM you can also use variable level on the different leds.
It is possible to do software PWM on any pin, maybe you can find a library for that.

"I think, wondering, tried, and now, would I, can I...". Your question rambles. Think again what you want to ask.

powerbank as its powersource

If you mean what I think you mean by "powerbank", one of those lithium battery packs with a usb output for recharging phones, it will be 5V and not suitable for your 12V led strip.