LED Controller hanging at startup

I'm trying to code an LED controller that controls the intensity via PWM. However, my issue is that I can't even get to the loop portion, it seems to hang at when I declare my class. I've tried checking to see if any of my functions in my class are causing the issues, but since I can't even get to loop, there must be something wrong within the class. I've written the class and placed it into a library called LED.

The code is somewhat long, so I don't know if I should post it on here directly, I've attached a ZIP with the program, and all of the libraries necessary for operation. My own library is called "LED".

Also, in the loop portion, I've commented the part of code that is intended to run, and I'm running a function that tests to see if I've successfully entered the loop by printing "test" on screen.

I'm using a Mega for this.

LED.zip (53.9 KB)