LED Cube - best board for iOS / Android control


I've been playing with this LED cube using Adafruit 8x8 Neomatrix Panels. I'd like to be able to control colour and choose between various patterns via iOS / Android and Bluetooth...

Considering I'd like to enclose the board within the cube, can anyone recommend a good board to use? What about one of the Adafruit Bluefruit Feathers? Either 32u4 or M0? Is there a great difference in performance between the two? Anything Else..?


Any board capable of connecting to a matching bluetooth device will work. The speed and memory of the board are not relevant factors, since you don't need to remember anything, and the serial communication between the microcontroller and the bluetooth device will be the limiting factor as far as speed is concerned.

Ah, that's good - and thanks for a simple answer!