Led Cube Electrical Scheme

Hello guys,
first of all I want to say that this is great forum and for begginer like me it is very usefull.
I am starting to make LED cube 5x5x5 for university project. I read a lot about everything regarding to it, but I still have some questions.
Im using Arduino Duemilanove Atmega 326, 4 * 74HC595, 5 * ZTX 753 ( for each layer) and I connect all parts together regarding to scheme shown below. My LEDs are with 3.3V so resistors are calculate according to this voltage and max 10mA per led. [![](http://i.minus.com/jPgUCafvsJoi0.jpg)](http://minus.com/i/PgUCafvsJoi0) I made this scheme based on this http://iqjar.com/jar/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/LED_Cube_Circuit_V4.jpg My cube will be with common anode as you can see. I tested with only one layer and I found a strange behaviour, so my question is is there anything wrong on this scheme or maybe my code wasnt good enought ?
Regards, Georgi.