LED Cube Nite lite Help Please (Rainbowduino)

Hi folks

I've got the Seed studio LED Cube up and running with the plasma code found on a lot of forums. This is a sheer fluke on my part.

When i go back to the code it gives me error messages about mutiple definitions of "GamaTab" and the same for "dots_color"

Same problem i had at the beggining before i got lucky!

It won't compile! I don't know how i got it working first time around.

Can someone fix this code for me and add a timer so that the lights switch of after 20minutes and the whole thing powers down?

I'm building the whole thing into an enclosure to work as a nite llight for my very young nephew. The intention is to have an on off switch and a momentary switch on the front so he can re-start the sequence if it stops before he nods off. Running of batteries

Is it me or is the plasma code buggy?



with the plasma code found on a lot of forums

And what code would that be?

If you want help her, it's best not to expect people to go looking for your code.


Sorry Newbie thing

I assume this is the program everyone buying a cube fromm seed studio tries as the basic pre-loaded one is just a static display

I downloaded the zip file, uncompressed it, dragged the pde file onto the Arduino icon on the desktop. It opened three tabs, for the sketch, the Rainbow header file, and the data source file. I clicked the Verify tab.

Binary sketch size: 5780 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum)

This is with Duemilanove selected as the board type.

So, the problem on your end appears to be that you have a different board type selected, and didn't tell us which board it is, or you have hosed something up.

If it's the latter case, I'd suggest downloading again.

No I’ve not touched the code yet.

I’m runing windows 7 64 bit - Iv’e downloaded the latest version of Java and
the Latest Arduino Environment.

I have two boards -a brand new Arduino UNO and a Rainbowduino i removed the chip from the UNO and wired across to the Rainbow duino to upload the program. Rainbow duino has no USB. This worked once only.

Don’t see that the file size can be an issue as the program i linked to was from the MFR’s site - unless Rainbow duino has extra memory - or some functions removed to make space (possible since its only designed to run LEDs)

Does Verify Code only work if you have the correct board connected up? I assumed that provided the right board is selected it wouldn’t matter if anything was connected or not.

Rainbowduino is the same chip and is suposed to be compatible with Aduino Code


I'd still like to know if anyone has a version of teh Plasma sketch thats bug free I cant get it to compile without getting Gamma tab error messages.

The completed seed studio cube complete with a custom acrylic cover on/off button and reset button on a wooden plinth is working well in my two year old nephwews room but i fluked getting it to work!

I need some reliable code so that i can hack it to switch of the light display and power down after 15 minutes.