LED Cube

Does anybody know where I can get code for a 4x4x4 LED Cube. I am not a member of instructables.

post a link to the guide on instructables you want and i will download and send you the pdf

I already got those files. I would prefer to have some others or at least a editor that will generate the code for me.

i thought you said you were not a member

I just "searched" google for that file name and it popped up with the file.

well, I now need this file but I cannot find it anywhere. Will someone please download this for me and send me the files, thanks.


Have you seen the Rainbowduino cube which is 4x4x4? I have one and my teenagage daughter uses it as a night lite. It runs the "plasma" code for the Rainbowduino which cycles through many different colors. It was pretty simple to put together but does require a rainbowduino module.




That does not help me at all. I already have a cube built and just need the files from that link.


I hope this works^^