LED Display 6X6 Matrix

Thanks to this site i got my 6X6 Matrix of leds working. I know it's not that interesting to you more experienced guys but i'm pretty proud of this as it's my first.


Also if anyone is in the mississauga, Ontario area and would like to help me out and show me some stuff with this thing one day feel free to msg me.

Good job!

Tyler, That is amazing! I would not have thought that it would be possible to hand-wire discrete LEDs into a matrix of that size on a breadboard. Good job!

I think that was the hardest part. I couldn't find and example of someone building one on a bread board. My next step is to expand it to 10x10 and write text to it.

I also want to try a LCD display and the Ethernet shield or a stepper motor controler. Why do you need a stepper motor controller vs using transistors? Is it just the waste of pins being used?