LED display wanted


I am looking for a LED device (ca. smart phone size) which can

display images which are transferred from a PC.

I would guess some people would have developed such thing

and I would like to get in touch.


Transferred how? WiFi, Bluetooth, serial, USB, SD card?

It's called a digital photo frame :)

You can but some realy cheap on ebay (10 $ shipped xD) http://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/KitVision-DPF7BKK-7-Digital-Photo-Frame-with-Built-In-Stand-Black-C-/222121128683?hash=item33b77372eb:g:muIAAOSwVcFXOz6w

But a better solution would be a separate VGA monitor connected to you computer http://www.amazon.com/DBPOWER-Monitor-Computer-Digital-Support/dp/B00I2K45X8/ref=sr_1_1?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1464470271&sr=8-1&keywords=7%22+vga+monitor

Hopr it helps :)

My UTFT_SdRaw library supports uploading images from PC via 'Processing'.... it is quite slow but works well.

A little more detail about your requirements would be useful.



Sounds like you need a smartphone.

(You think I am joking?)

Or a small "tablet".

I have a photographic application in mind - the LED device shall be used to project image data onto photographic paper.

I should be connected to a PC via USB or VGA. The display should not exceed 7". The light sources should be RGB LEDs.

I have developed software for machinery like this before, but I do not have any knowledge about developing hardware. The ideal solution would be a display with a driver library connectable to a PC. Thanks for any clue.


I think you would have trouble getting the photo sensitive paper close enough to the LEDs in a TFT display, this means any image would be blurred. RGB LED arrays are big and the LEDs tend to be spaced well apart so bear this in mind.