LED Drivers and step-up converters

Hey everyone.

I am working on a project that I plan on running off a 3.7v li-po battery.

I will be running 4 high powered leds in parallel and an Adafruit Pro Trinket (5v version) so obviously I need to step-up the voltage. But for the Pro Trinket, I'm assuming it needs around 7 volts like the arduino for the power regulator to work properly. However, the LED drivers I wanted to use here:

can take a max of 5.5v. I'm also worried about supplying to much voltage to my LEDs.

So, here are my questions:

Do the led drivers protect against over voltage?

Where can I find different LED driers that can be controlled via pwm that can take higher voltage? I tried to find them but these supply websites are impossible for a newbie like me to navigate.

Should I use the 3v pro trinket? Would it power my sensors, N-channel mosfets, etc okay?

How can I power the Pro Trinket?

Would a 7.4v battery be better?

Thanks in advance.

You can power the Arduino from 5V regulated.

(Your Digikey link doesn't work.) If the LED drivers are rated for 5.5V maximum, that's the maximum.

Boost regulators are available. Examples:

I know 5.5 is the max, as I stated that in my post. I'm looking for something that might e higher though.

This is the part number of the drivers. You can google it and it will come up: