Led drivers mbi 5026 mbi 5030

Hi Can you help me with this I have a 16 rgb leds - its a 16*3=48 channels I have 3 drivers MBI5026 (or and) MBI 5030 (16 channels ) = 48 channels connecting all to arduino And I have a problem with brightness of leds (i can only turn ON or OFF each channel) ! How can i make a brightness for each channel or for each color? I planning make a big panel with 1000 RGB Leds. I'm new in that topic/ i read about REXT, but cant understanding - how it connecting or how it programming

Cross posting make us cross. ]:D Don't do it. You have bought the wrong sort of controller, you can't use this to change the brightness especially if you want to expand it to a lot of LEDs.

but what about R-EXT?

That is a resistor that sets the current for the constant current outputs:- 1) You can't control that directly with an arduino, you would need a digital pot. 2) Even when you do control it then it would change the brightness of all 16 LEDs at the same time.

How it programming to turn ON or OFF each channel? Could you share the code to me? Thanks a lot. bigpandagd@hotmail.com