led drl/turn signal.

Hey guys im trying to figure out how to right a sketch that allows my leds to be on when my car is on but when ever i use a turn signal i want the light to cut in and out with my turn signal. I have no idea how i can get it to do. the sketch i tried first made the light blink one after another but not together.im figuring its gotta be a relatively simple sketch i would imagine. its just gotta work for both the right and left signal . i am at a loss any help would be appreciated.

We're at a loss too. How about you post your sketch and a schematic, rather than relying on our psychic powers? :wink:

And read the "read this first" post before your next post. We'll know if you haven't (no psychic powers needed for that).


You can do that without an Arduino. Just wire the LEDs in parallel with the turn signal bulbs. Unless you want to do something else with the signal. Figure out how you are going to connect to the turn signal relay first.