LED fade over bluetooth

I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is possible. I have a simple LED PWM fade that I'd like to control via Bluetooth. I have the Virtuabotix BT2S-Slave module as my bluetooth serial port. I'm controlling the PWM from my Macbook Pro, which works wonderfully over USB. Over bluetooth, however, the fade is choppy. I'm using standard Firmata on the Arduino, which uses a baud rate of 57600. I made a video to demonstrate the issue: http://jdwalsh.com/movies/led_bluetooth.mov
Anyway, is it even reasonable to assume I can communicate quickly enough to do this over bluetooth? thanks!

Further troubleshooting:

I tried controlling the arduino from my 2007 mac mini, and it worked great!
So this means the problem lies somewhere between the 2012 MacBook Pro Retina and the Virtuabotix BT2S-Slave module.
I'm wondering:

  • Have any of you run into bluetooth issues on these new Macbooks?
  • Are there any further tests I can run on the Mac to dig deeper and diagnose what's wrong with the BT?
    FWIW, BT mouse and other devices work fine on it.


Can you post the arduino code?

have you considered using a bluetooth hyperterminal such as Blueterm from a mobile phone type device?