LED for alarm

I am working on a simple motion sensor alarm.
the enclosure I have has 24 holes in the cover for LED’s. and or switches.

My first thought is to just populate it with 24 LED’s and a trio of shift registers.

my next thought was to go with 16 LED and 8 switches.

then… what about using tri-color LEDs and having the ability for different color indicators.

any thoughts or suggestions ?

I don't get the relationship with wanting to have a movement alarm and having an enclosure with 24 holes and LEDs.

Please elaborate on you project.


I have an enclosure with 24 holes.

know the story that if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail ?

My current version has
4 motion sensors.
1 remote input to change the state
2 outputs for relays
2 outputs for local LED
2 outputs for remove LED’s (near the key switch)
2 pins - I2C for the RTC
4 pins - SPI for the SC card

since I have these 24 holes, I figure I could have a pair to show the statis of each sensor
8 outputs for LED’s
1 for power
2, for current state (occupied, unoccupied)

since I think I will need to put on a shift register. I figures, heck, why not light up the board ?
3 shift registers in not too much more to do than 1.

but, me thinks,… why not add some inputs ? a little shifin, 74HC165 ?

then I thought… well, if I am going to put on 16 LED’s why not go multi color ?

sorry that is as far as I got, only have a 30 minute commute to work.