Led for horticulture

Hi guys

I am working in a greenhouse project and I would like to use leds for my plants. But I would like to control and have a similar spectrum like the AP673L Valoya and be able to change the light intensity. How can I to use these leds or others leds with similar spectrum to control with arduino? Please put shop links or places when I can buy it

You want us to do your school homework for you?
And it has what to do with Arduino?

And it has what to do with Arduino?

Looks obvious to me, the request is can these LEDs be controlled by an Arduino.

Yes, with appropriate drivers - either by setting constant current level or by PWM (does
PWM lighting affect plants at all? There might be some research on this, photosynthesis
is a complex set of reactions with many different time constants, flickering light might have
an interaction with some of these.

My main concern is how are you going to get the bare AP673L LEDs? They seem to only be
available in mains fixtures, which will not be controllable AFAICT.